Smart Home

There’s a lot of talk out there about Smart Home Solutions & Technology.  And about “seeing and knowing what’s happening at home” when you’re not there. 

There is a difference between a “security camera” and a “smart home camera”.

A smart home camera is similar to the webcam that is part of your home computer.  These cameras can be an integrated part of the overall security system that you have in your home that is connected to a personal, secured website that allows you to login and view look at live footage of your home and property.  

The type of footage that is seen is called “event driven” (ie your child coming home from school, disarming the alarm and then a notification is sent to your smartphone that the event has taken place along with a 10 second video clip).   The camera is able to record motion-events, but with far less precision … this could mean that you get a notification sent to your phone every time the wind blows and rustles a plant outside your front door – these “events” can also cause the camera to begin recording.

These smart home cameras do not have the ability to be as finely tuned as a traditional security system camera. 

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Customer Testimonial

Huronia Alarms has recently installed a surveillance camera system at our church and rectory.  They have also monitored and maintained our fire system at the church and rectory for a great man...
- Sandy D’Alessandro, Parish Office Manager, St. Margaret’s Church