Huronia Alarms has been our provider for in house video surveillance systems amongst our Jarlette Health Service Retirement Homes.  They have proven to be an excellent vendor with efficient, knowledgeable staff, who exhibit good knowledge in their products.  They have bene responsive and customer focused in their approach to doing business with our organization

Jackie Dusome, RN, CHRP, Director of Retirement Communities at Jarlette Health Services

Huronia Alarms has recently installed a surveillance camera system at our church and rectory.  They have also monitored and maintained our fire system at the church and rectory for a great many years.  They give us good quality service and maintenance when needed.  Huronia Alarm service people are always well informed on the operation of the equipment and will answer any questions you may have regarding the system.  I would recommend Huronia Alarms as a supplier for your equipment.

Sandy D’Alessandro, Parish Office Manager, St. Margaret’s Church

Huronia Alarms has installed and performed maintenance on our surveillance camera system for the last nine years.  They have installed all our equipment on all our buildings.  They give us good quality service and maintenance when needed.  Service people are well informed on the operation of the equipment and will answer any questions you may have regarding the system.  I would recommend Huronia Alarms as a supplier for your equipment.

Paul Stinson, Security Supervisor, Chippewas of Rama First Nation

About 10 years ago I had an alarm system installed by another local company in my home.  We were planning on leaving for a vacation and wanted to make sure our home would be secure.  Unfortunately this alarm system worked too well.  We received so many false alarms that we became regarded similarly as the “boy who cried wolf” by the Midland Police Service.  We contacted the alarm company we had purchased the system from and they repaired it several times, but still the false alarms persisted.  I then switched to Huronia Alarms.  A technician came out, checked over and modified out system to make it compatible and chased away the demons that were causing our false alarms.  A couple of years ago we again chose Huronia Alarms when we needed a new alarm system for our business.  We have used Huronia Alarms for over 10 years now and are so pleased we enthusiastically recommended my brother use their service in his home.  He had his alarm system installed by Huronia Alarms last week and was very impressed with the products and service.  I would definitely recommend Huronia Alarms to anyone who needs a security system for either their home or business.

Gary Beutler, The Water Store Midland

Huronia AAA+.  I just had to send high praise of your staff to you.  I went to a chalet on Plater St. today that I am listing for sale.  When I got there, an alarm was screaming away and I could not de-alarm it with the code I had.  The HA [Huronia Alarms] sticker is on the pad so I called and a woman there explained to me that you DO NOT have this address as a client but yet she walked me through several steps to try and none worked.  She suggested we have the owner call her and then with his consent, they could tell me next steps.  The owner called and spoke to a service person who then spoke with me.  They took all this time yet it was not even one of your customers.  As it turns out, it was a faulty smoke alarm which my husband fixed.   I am so impressed with your team’s willingness to help.  Needless to say, I have recommended to the owner that he get the system now monitored by HA [Huronia Alarms].  Thanks and kudos!!  

Marg Scheben-Edey, RE/MAX FOUR SEASONS REALTY LTD, Brokerage

You people are the ones we have the alarm through and I must say I would like to give a compliment to absolutely everybody that I had any contact with on the telephone and also when the servicemen have come here on two different occasions.  I think your company is absolutely perfect.  And everybody has been so understanding and just so patient with me and I just wanted to let you know that your employees that I’ve had any contact with are absolutely beyond reproach.  

Mary Keeler

We love the [security] system, and the ability to remotely sign on/off with the use of the iPhone app is great!  Thank you.


I was glad to be a part of a talk that Kevin Leonard of Huronia Alarms presented in the spring. He spoke about all of the safety monitoring systems which can be put in place at an elderly parents home.  As he spoke, you could tell that he's in this because he truly cares about the safety & security of your home and family.  I feel confident recommending Huronia Alarms to my friends and family.

Barbara Lowe, Assisting You

We would like to say a few nice words about your tech guy by the name of Jai Robitaille ... he showed patience, good attitude and high level of professionalism which we really appreciated. We think your company is more than fortunate of having him working with you all.

Gil & Ingrid L.

Give my regards to your hard working staff, customers do appreciate the personal service they are getting from everyone at Huronia.


Thank you Kevin [re: Worker Health & Safety Awareness], it's so nice to have Contractors who make my job easy!

Local Municipality Representative

The monitoring systems work awesome. Very happy that we went with you.  Will be in contact soon to add more security cameras in the shop.

Wally, Body Line Collision

You will be pleased to know that you have us as happy customers.  Recently the water alarm went off, much to our surprise as we got a call from your operator telling us.  There was a leak, that should not have happened, and the alarm did its job and your operator was excellent.  A really good "test" of the system.  Thank you.

Hans & Diane R.

Cameras work great ... they were "bullet proof" last winter ... always worked when I looked at the place from Florida ... and we added another camera plus wifi in the boathouse a few weeks ago ... George and Tony have been just great making everything run perfectly ... you may not know I referred my daughter [to Huronia] this past year who now has two cottages monitored and she put "several" cameras in the main cottage this summer ... when she saw how well the cameras worked at our place they wanted the same system ... their 2 cottages are just a few doors down from mine.


I'd just like to say thank you to you [Tony Cochran] and Mark for all your help this past while.  Your expertise and customer service are second to none and sure made my life easier.

Barrie Police Services

We at St James would like to thank you for your prompt and competent hard work in solving our safety issues. While talking to our staff, they relayed their joy in working with your team of skilled tradesmen while they were getting the job done and done properly.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Joe Fiander

Thank you Helen [Huronia Customer Service]. I was just thinking today how patient and accommodating you have been also. A pleasure to deal with!
Thank You.

Ransom Hawley CA,CPA, General Manager Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

He [Glenn] is very knowledgeable and professional and is always there to answer any questions or concerns. From the very start of our audio/visual project he took ownership and knew exactly how to execute it. He is also always available to take my call, in times of need and panic I know I can call him and even if he is on another job site he has time for our questions. That says a lot!  When we had the Chamber of Commerce function last week, he showed up every day leading up to the event as promised, whether it was for a small modification, software upgrade or tuning mic's. He understood how important this was to us. On the day of the event he stayed here right until it started, fine tuning the mic's until he was satisfied. The end result was nothing but positive by all that attended.  Thank You.

John Apostolis, Director of I/T, Georgian Bay Hotel & Conference Centre

We are quite pleased with the system and it is meeting our needs.  The whole process went smoothly from Steve in Sales and through installation. We would definitely recommend Huronia.

D. Taylor

I am very pleased with the conversion process.  George and the techs moved through a seamless transfer with only good feedback from the schools.  Much appreciated.

Supervisor of Facility Services, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board

Just wanted to pass on some kudos to the staff (Jenny) in the monitoring station. Emailed in a request for info re: the Club around 9 p.m. last night, hoping to have the info by this morning. Received it in a matter of minutes, with a professional response. Great customer service. Thought you should hear the good because I know you certainly hear the other side.

Paul, President of the Georgian Bay Swinging Seniors Club in Balm Beach

I would like to share a recent event that ended well because of Kevin Leonard. I first met Kevin when I joined the Midland BNI chapter a number of years ago. Kevin represents Huronia Alarms and has spent each week educating the members on different aspects of his business.  One of the components of Huronia Alarm’s business is fire extinguisher sales and monitoring. Therefore one week Kevin spoke about fire safety and having fire extinguishers in your home, car & place of business. Until this meeting, we only had a very small extinguisher in our kitchen and it was at least 15 years old. He spoke about how many to have, the proper size and even where they should be stored. Kevin also took the time to explain to the members how to use them. I was sold! I purchased two the next week and placed them where Kevin recommended in our home. Yesterday, I was about to BBQ our supper and asked my husband to get the grill started for me while I get everything ready for the grill. I went outside to get started and saw that the top of the propane tank was on fire! This could not be good! I immediately ran inside, told my husband and grabbed the fire extinguisher which was close to the front door as recommended. I knew how to break the seal, pull the pin, aim and shoot thanks to Kevin! That one presentation and demo of Kevin’s made a potentially very hazardous situation easy to manage and resulted in little to no damage! Thank you so much Kevin!!

Roberta Courtemanche

Trish, thank you so much for organizing Roger to visit us this afternoon. If we ever need a service visit in the future; please send Roger. Roger is obviously very competent; he was able to quickly identify and correct the “hiccup” that occurred when Bell installed our Fibe service this past Tuesday. We now have a full functioning alarm system and we are enjoying the new Bell Fibe system. We were also really impressed with Roger’s calm, pleasant demeanour. Huronia is extremely well represented on location by Roger.

Wendy & Brian

Great job on the system. Beautifully installed. Very good and conscientious installer.


Everything is installed and working fine. Leigh is a nice guy, man he is a really good installer.  He does nice, neat work and showed me how everything works and I’m really pleased with the whole system, so thank you very much for that.  

Mr. Gould

I would like to thank you and your team for the work done on the security system at our new office suites and meeting facility ... over the last 9 months, I've dealt with a number of people on your team, from sales to installations to integration to monitoring, and have been impressed with each interaction. Your employees are responsive, and knowledgeable, and provide top-notch customer service.  Our system is quite comprehensive, including exterior and interior cameras that provide an opportunity for live surveillance as well as recordings; an alarm system with motion sensors; and a keypad entry system for the external doors and 2 internal security doors.  The keypad entry and alarm systems are integrated and our staff, tenants and occasional trusted guests can be issued 4-digit codes for various levels of access.  This allows us to offer 24/7 access for clients to our facility.  Given my experience so far, I would not hesitate to recommend Huronia Alarm & Fire Security to others.  In fact, I welcome you to use OfficeInc! as a showcase location of your systems for others interested in institutional/commercial/industrial applications.

Deborah Foster-Stahle, President

I would like to take the opportunity to pass along my appreciation to both Reghan and Rob for the effort they both put in last week to help the Town of Gravenhurst out of a couple of jams.  Both have always been there to assist us in any means necessary, and because of that, a strong relationship between the Town of Gravenhurst and Peerless Security (now Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc.) continues to grow.

Rob Funston, Manager of Facilities, Town of Gravenhurst

Let me say that it has been a great pleasure doing business with Huronia since 1986. Every staff member we have had dealings with has been polite, courteous and knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Huronia to anyone. I will certainly be leaving details with the new owners and hopefully they will continue using your service.

Denis & Ann

A big thank you to the team at Huronia Alarms. You've given me piece of mind for my loved one's situation. Having a monitored medical alert system will make life so much less stressful.  (From Google review.)

Barbara Lowe

Just want to thank you and Huronia for the equipment and service provided to the Fire College over the past years. Having a system being monitored in real time was very effective for the students to understand how the entire system operates.  Thanks again.

Dave, Program Specialist, Program Development and Analytics Unit | Field and Advisory Services, Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management

Jai was very patient with me in answering all my questions. Thank you for everything. The alarm is a large part of my healing.


I just want to pass on our collective thanks for the great support we received from Huronia Alarm in relation to our recent Kantech Entrapass application failure.  The support and response from both Tony and George was exceptional and allowed us to mitigate the situation quickly and do a bare metal restore of our server. Their ongoing support and assistance helping us implement the redundancy we require is very much appreciated.  This just compliments the work that Jai, Chris and all your staff have been doing to move us along here at our facility which has also been fantastic!  We are looking forward to a great relationship with you and your staff!  Thanks for all of your support!


Just wanted to pass on what a great job you [George] and your service team have done for me. From the replacement equipment install and today’s service call, your team are top-notch. Huronia Alarms are very fortunate having people like James Boileau and yourself. Thanks for all you and your team do.


Customer Testimonial

Huronia Alarms has installed and performed maintenance on our surveillance camera system for the last nine years.  They have installed all our equipment on all our buildings.  They give u...
- Paul Stinson, Security Supervisor, Chippewas of Rama First Nation