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Few elements can cause upheaval and devastation like fire.  Fire is a major threat to life and property.   Huronia has a full line of residential fire protection products that provide proactive solutions to help protect your family, residence or cottage. 

From fire sensors and monitoring to fire extinguishers, Huronia offers fire protection equipment and services that help protect both structures and people.  We will work with you to draft a fire protection plan to assist in the early detection of fire.

The first line of defense is a proactive approach to avoiding fire in the first place. Check out our fire safety tips for ways you can help minimize the chance of fire occurring in your home. 

  1. Prevent fires caused by children - every year, young children are badly burned or die playing with lighters and matches. Always store lighters and matches in a locked drawer or cabinet. Avoid leaving lighters or matches in your jacket or purse because children can easily access those locations as well.
  2. Prevent fires caused by smoking - cigarettes are a major cause of house fires and related deaths. Avoid smoking in your home and never smoke in bed. Use large, deep ashtrays on a sturdy surface and make sure cigarette butts are extinguished.
  3. Prevent fires caused by candles - always use solid, stable, candle holders. Avoid leaving the room when using candles and never allow children near candles without direct supervision. Keep candles away from window treatments and blowing curtains at all times.
  4. Meet with your family and make a fire escape plan - map out two exits out of every room and arrange a meeting place outside. Practice makes perfect — conduct a family fire drill several times a year to make sure everyone remembers the plan.
  5. Install smoke alarms on every level of your home - smoke alarms are designed to do one thing — wake you or alert you to a potential fire in your home. Smoke alarms should be placed at the top of each set of stairs and near bedrooms. Test them monthly to make sure they work and install new batteries every year or more frequently as required. Better yet, install a monitored smoke alarm that will automatically transmit a fire condition from your home to our 24hr ULC Listed monitoring stations.
  6. Prevent Fires Caused by Cooking - stay in the kitchen while cooking and monitor stove-top pots and pans, especially if you are cooking with gas. Be aware of the proximity of objects placed too close to the stove. Paper or plastic bags, oven mitts and blowing curtains all pose a major threat. Loose-fitting clothes can also pose a threat. Be aware of anything flammable that is placed close to flame or hot elements.
  7. Fire Extinguishers - ensure your home is equipped with the proper fire extinguishers and have them checked every year. Keep a small fire extinguisher in your vehicle as well.

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