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Business theft costs millions of dollars every year. From break-ins to internal theft and inventory shrinkage, theft is a serious issue.  And an expensive one.  Video surveillance is an efficient and cost-effective solution in the battle against theft. 

Huronia offers a full range of indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems. 

Strategically placed cameras are a deterrent to loss preventions, criminal activity and are essential to a comprehensive security solution.  In addition to helping stop crime before it happens, recorded video surveillance footage provides tangible evidence for employers and police, a legal necessity to both assist in convictions and defend against counter-suits. 

Huronia will design a surveillance plan that includes the best security and IP based cameras along with state-of-the-art solutions for recording camera feeds.  We offer a full line of digital video recorder options in both stand-alone and computer configurations capable of recording multiple camera outputs. These are called Network-Video-Recorders or NVR’s.  These systems begin recording immediately when the camera sense motion.

Today's video surveillance technology allows remote viewing over IP so you can monitor the activities of your company in real-time, at any time.  From keeping a watchful eye on point-of-sale items, to safeguarding a parking lot or outdoor inventory, video surveillance plays a critical role in protecting your investments and ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

Huronia also offers video verification and remote video monitoring from our locally owned and operated ULC listed monitoring stations. We can track intruders as they enter and leave your premises and provide the authorities with their descriptions and directions they fled to assist in the apprehension of suspects on the move. 

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We at St James would like to thank you for your prompt and competent hard work in solving our safety issues. While talking to our staff, they relayed their joy in working with your team of skilled ...
- Joe Fiander