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Video surveillance, closed-circuit TV and IP cameras aren’t just for big commercial or industrial buildings.  More and more of our Clients are using cameras and recording devices to monitor their home and cottage properties.

This technology has come a long way in the last few years … gone are the days of big industrial looking cameras.  Today, security and surveillance cameras are smaller, sleek and designed with aesthetics in mind.  Their functionality has advanced and they can easily be integrated into existing security systems or become the core technology for a new system. 

Huronia can assess your property and home and provide you with suggestions for a comprehensive home security system that includes security cameras and digital or network video recorders.

But how do they work?

Once installed, the security cameras are connected to a recording device.  Either a digital-video-recorder (DVR) or a network-video-recorder (NVR).  The cameras are programmed to activate (start recording) when the camera senses a certain pre-programmed motion. 

Huronia customers can view live-footage of the motion-event, either on-site (at home) or remotely at their convenience.  The recording devices typically hold 30 days of recorded history.

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