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Huronia specializes in custom designed alarm systems for retail, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, office and institutional properties and facilities. With state-of-the-art motion detectors, glass breakage detectors, access control systems and wireless devices that deliver peace-of-mind and help protect property and assets from intruders, criminal negligence, activity or environmental damage like flooding or toxic gas leaks. 
Our security surveillance systems help our client’s monitor their properties and manufacturing facilities inside and out.  Whether you need to monitor your parking lot, retail space, lobby or warehouse, we have a complete line of cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs) and CCTV systems to protect your business, 24/7.    

These systems are monitored by our locally owned and operated ULC listed monitoring stations which can alert you, and the local police or fire department to suspicious activity at your premises.  

In some instances, we are able to provide remote access to their security system, via the internet.  This means you get real-time monitoring of your place of business.  

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Customer Testimonial

Cameras work great ... they were "bullet proof" last winter ... always worked when I looked at the place from Florida ... and we added another camera plus wifi in the boathouse a few week...
- Peter