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Alternatives to traditional keypad locks

Posted On: Monday, May 4, 2015

Since our acquisition of Blue Mountain Lock, Key & Safe, we’ve heard a number of Clients asking for alternatives to the keypad locks they are seeing in the big box stores.

So we asked Roger and Kim what alternatives exist. Their answer? “The one that we installed on our house – eighteen years ago!

It’s from KABA-ILCO, and it’s a great non-battery-operated, push-button lock called the SIMPLEX 7100. It doesn’t have any wires, you don’t need any special software or batteries for it to work, and there are not even any keys or access cards to worry about. There’s a four-push-button code to remember - and that’s it. The lock is durable, comes in a variety of finishes and it really stands up against weather, which is good if we’re going to keep getting winters like the one we’ve just had!”

The second keypad lock is from Emtek Assa Abloy. “This lock is part of the EMTouch™ series of products. They are battery operated and look really modern. Once you enter the numeric code, the battery releases the thumb-turn and then you manually turn the deadbolt. Again, no key is required. There’s also none of that annoying grinding sound that’s associated with most electronic keypad locks. There is a manual key override available with this lock, in case you forget your code!” Huronia offers a wide range of lock products – from the simple to the more complex. If you’re interested in learning more about these locks, or other products that we carry, stop in and talk to Roger or Kim at 284 Pretty River Parkway North in Collingwood, or call 705-445-5318.

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