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Public service announcement.

Posted On: Monday, February 6, 2017

Fake fire inspector in Springwater Township.

We have recently learned of a number of reports of an individual impersonating a fire inspector/fire safety technician in the Springwater Township region.  Click here to watch the CTV news story.

The individual (male) is unlicensed and not legally able to perform fire inspection activities on fire safety equipment. 

In order to ensure your safety, please note that anyone claiming to be a fire safety technician or a member of the Fire Department will carry proper ID to show you when they arrive to perform the service.  Please also note that a member of the Fire Department will not do the physical inspection of fire equipment and immediately ask for payment.  They may do a courtesy check of fire safety equipment (like smoke alarms) but no money should change hands at the time of inspection. 

At Huronia, we ensure that our Fire Safety Technicians always have their identification badges visible.  These ID badges are a benefit to our Customers because they are another added security measure to help you ensure that you ARE dealing with a Huronia-accredited service and installation professional. Name and a recent photo of the Huronia employee are prominently displayed on the front of the card. As well as our toll-free number which you can call to validate the Huronia employee's identification if need be. Remember, most legitimate contractors, installers and service technicians should be able to provide you with photo identification before entering your home or place of business; don't be afraid to ask to see it and verify their identity before letting them through your door.

The OPP is working with local authorities and is asking for your help.  If you believe that you have had fire safety equipment inspected by someone who was unlicensed the Fire Department is asking that you ensure your fire safety equipment is functioning properly.  They are also asking that you obtain an inspection by a qualified and licensed inspector.  Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Huronia West OPP at 705-429-3575 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800- 222-8477.  

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