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Back to School, Back to Latchkey Kids

Posted On: Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Latchkey kid or Latchkey child refers to a child who returns from school to an empty house because their parent(s) are away at work. Many of us working parents wait in anticipation for that phone call after 3 pm on a school day confirming our kids are home. How many times have you been left waiting and worrying only to find out your kids forgot to call home or were on the phone when you frantically tried to call home to check on them? Yes, many of us can relate to that situation.

What if you could automatically be notified when someone enters or leaves your house ANDS know who they were? If you have an alarm system you probably already have the basic equipment to do just that.  The latest technology in most alarm monitoring centres allows emails to be sent to your computer or smartphone whenever specific signals are received from your alarm system. The most common application is the transmission of “opening and closing” signals. These signals are transmitted whenever someone “arms or disarms” your alarm and identifies who armed or disarmed the system. For only a few dollars a month this technology can give added peace of mind.  Not sure if you armed the alarm system or not? Just check your email. Of course, all other aspects of the alarm are still monitored by professionally trained operators to react to emergency signals.

If you are looking for even more information, then cameras can be added to your security system and you can actually see your kids coming home after school (and also see who is with them). Cameras can also be a great way to reduce false alarms by using “video verification”.

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Customer Testimonial

The monitoring systems work awesome. Very happy that we went with you.  Will be in contact soon to add more security cameras in the shop.

- Wally, Body Line Collision