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Posted On: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Q. My trouble light indicates a "fail to communicate"

A. Easiest way to correct this is to send a signal to our monitoring station. Call our station to advise us that you will be testing your alarm system. Then trip a device that causes the system to send a signal. Quite often the keypad panic button  is the easiest to do.  Follow your instruction manual to do this. Quite often you will need to press and hold the buttons for 3 seconds or so. Please have your 4 digit alarm code ready to reset the siren and memory lights afterwards.

Q. My trouble light shows "low battery"

A. Your system will likely have a rechargeable battery that will recharge within a couple of days of the power being restored. If the low battery  trouble light is still on after a couple of days contact service to have your battery replaced

Q. My trouble light indicates a loss of clock. How do I fix? 

A. A loss of clock is usually not critical to the function of your system but to clear the trouble light you will need to set the clock on your system. Please follow below:   

To set the system time, enter *6 followed by the mastercode. Press 1. The keypad will now accept 10 consecutive digits. Enter time in hours and minutes using 24 hr format (00:00 to 23:59).  Enter date in months, days and years (MM DD YY)

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Customer Testimonial

I am very pleased with the conversion process.  George and the techs moved through a seamless transfer with only good feedback from the schools.  Much appreciated.

- Supervisor of Facility Services, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board