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Medical Alerts & Personal Emergency Alarm Systems

For seniors on their own or individuals living with physical challenges, medical alert devices can offer peace of mind for care-givers and family members who can’t always be there to watch over their loved ones.  These lifestyle products enable individuals to remain at home longer.  This could mean no stressful move to a retirement or care facility.  Medical alert devices are also a much less costly option than assisted living.  And best of all, these devices are dependable, reliable and responsive.  

In the event of a fall, or other medical emergency, medical alert devices allow for easy and instant communication to the outside world.  The units are lightweight, waterproof pendants that can be worn around the neck, on the wrist or even on a belt; all day, and every day.

At the push of a button, our ULC listed 24 hour monitoring station will be immediately notified and professional monitoring personal can assess the emergency and contact first responders including fire, police, paramedics or a family member. 

And we’ll stay in communication with you and your loved ones until help arrives.

We also offer more advanced kinds of monitoring devices that learn a family member’s routines and can send an alert to your mobile device if there is a change in their patterns.  Sensors can be set-up to monitor the refrigerator, medicine cabinet, the bed for sleep patterns, or motion in one specific area of the home.

You will be notified if your family member leaves the house at an odd hour of the night.  Or if a disabled family member doesn’t get out of bed at their normal time.  You can even remotely check on the thermostat and ensure that doors are locked and lights are turned off; all from your tablet or smart phone.

Monitoring of medical alert systems begin at $25.00 per month.  There are no long-terms contracts to sign and agreements can be cancelled at any time.

You’re never alone with a Huronia medical alert device.

Call us today to talk about medical alert products and services or email us.

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