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Fire Safety Log Books – what you need to know to safeguard your commercial, industrial or institutional property

Posted On: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Fire Safety Log Book for all commercial properties is an important and necessary requirement that can help property owners set-up and monitor fire safety prevention programs.

These log books detail the maintenance periods (daily to annual tasks) and comply with the local fire codes and the National Fire Protection Association fire codes. 

They are invaluable for helping business owners keep property, buildings, inventory, documents and employees safe. 

These log books also outline the step-by-step procedures for inspections and tests for: fire alarms, emergency lighting, exit light, emergency power systems, fire separation, portable fire extinguishers, smoke-control systems, special extinguishing systems, sprinkler systems, standpipe & hose systems, water supplies for firefighting & fire pumps and service equipment

They also allow property owners to provide an up-to-date record of life & fire safety maintenance to authorities, which can reduce liability should a fire occur. 

Most municipalities and insurance carriers require written records … but unfortunately many small commercial buildings and industrial units aren’t keeping such log books.

And that means that preventative maintenance and routine checks are likely not being completed.

That’s where we can help. 

For over 40 years, Huronia has helped small to large commercial, industrial and institutional Customers install life & fire safety equipment. We understand the latest fire codes, products and technologies. And we can help you put together a fire safety plan that will meet or exceed Canada’s fire codes.

Call us today to find out how to get your commercial property a fire safety log book and ensure fire safety code compliance.

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Thank you Helen [Huronia Customer Service]. I was just thinking today how patient and accommodating you have been also. A pleasure to deal with!
Thank You.

- Ransom Hawley CA,CPA, General Manager Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions